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  One of my passions has always been driving vehicles across the country. I've driven dozens of large motorhomes, automobiles, pickup trucks, rental trucks (like Budget, Penske and U-Haul), motorcycles and towed all sorts of trailers across the country over the last 35 years. I just love the drive. Your personal belongings, if any, in your vehicle will be safe and sound with me. And, I can get the job done RIGHT NOW for you when time is of particular importance. Sure, the major Auto Transporters can get the job done, but while you're waiting for them to arrive you’ll be asking yourself, "when will they get here?" Excellent references are, of course, available.  

I am well established in the Seattle/Olympia, WA area; I'm listed in the phone book, have a decent home here in Olympia and I have three married children and an elderly mother (she's 97) all in this area. I was born and raised in Seattle and have lived here all my life. So, I'm real and I'm not going anywhere (except hopefully driving for you across the country)!! 

I am an instrument rated, private pilot who has flown all of my adult life.  I still fly and just LOVE every minute of it.  Trust me, it is truly safer than driving your own car anywhere!!  I am also a Former Cessna Pilot Center (FBO) Owner/Operator and I just very recently sold out of my interest in a Beechcraft Bonanza V35B Aircraft hangered in Auburn, WA that I flew for years. 

I am looking forward to your patronage.  Thank you.  DriverLES - Les Snodgrass
Home/Office phone is: 360-459-1749.  Please leave messages here.

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Professional  Cross Country Driver

January 27, 2011
I just received the photo attached below from TWO of my very recent happy customers.  This was for two separate automotive moves from the East Coast to the West Coast for two wonderful, young adult college students so they could attend medical school in the San Francisco Bay area.  The first transport was in August 2010 and the second one was a few months later in December 2010.  I thought it pretty thoughtful of them to take the time to make the sign, take this picture and send it to me with the following comments from their attached note: 

"Thank you, Les!!  Dear Les, I hope you can use this photo on your website, if you would like to.  Two very happy fans and thankful customers.  We're in front of Gigi (Leslie's car) and the Medical School at Stanford as well.  I wanted to get Freddie's car in the picture too, but it wouldn't fit.  Thanks so much for everything.  All the best!!  Leslie and Freddie" 

Received 9/29/2012 for moving her trailer twice in May and in September 2012 

" I just wanted to say thanks again for your help! I just posted your website on my Facebook with this review, which you are welcome to use on your site if you'd like. Also, feel free to give my email/phone as a reference.  "Another successful Airstream move with Les!  Seriously, I cannot recommend this guy enough.  He is professional, friendly, reasonably priced, and prepared - even for my clunky vintage Airstream with all of its quirks and foibles.  I've used his services twice now, and the second time it was a huge relief knowing he'd be on the job.

Thanks again!  --   Erin Doherty"

Received 3/25/2015 for my trip to Alaska for them in March 2015

"Les drove a 17 foot U haul from Washington to Anchorage, AK this March over the Alcan Highway for us. My mom was moving back to Alaska and we put all of her earthly possessions in this truck and entrusted Les to get them there safely.  It was a pretty big decision to trust this guy who we found on Craig’s List to take my mom’s stuff.  Les gave me a long list of past customers and said to call any of them up to ask questions.  I choose three people randomly and they all gave glowing reviews of Les.  Now that the move is complete and my mom’s possession got to Anchorage on schedule and undamaged I need to add my glowing review to those of the others.  Les did everything he promised he would.  He was extremely organized and made the process stress free.  We saved mom about $2000 on this move by renting the U Haul and hiring Les.  We had researched several moving and shipping companies and found that Les was by far the quickest, most convenient and least expensive choice.

We highly recommend him  -  Michael Carlson"

Received 4/8/2015 for their move to Oregon back in March 2014

"Les Snodgrass was an absolute gem of a solution for our move from Seattle, Washington to Brookings, Oregon!  In late February 2014, I was at my wit’s end with gathering estimates from ‘professional’ moving companies … .. then, my partner found Les on Craigslist, and the rest is history!  Les was immediately responsive to my outreach email, communicated clearly, and provided trustworthy references and altogether conducted himself, from start to finish, in an utterly professional, compassionate and friendly manner.  The three of us coordinated the whole move, and it only took 2 days …. and what was crucial to us was that our possessions in the Uhaul that Les drove arrived at the same time as we did in Brookings, OR.  Flawless!!!!
He quite literally MADE our move possible ….. he was the solution to a huge ordeal —  which is what relocating always is ….. and we had 2 cats to think about in the back of my car as we made our own drive down the Coast.  DriverLES is not only value for money, but a total ‘Driver Ninja’!!!!

Marianne Filia & Kirt Elzner"

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